As a photographer, you see the world a little bit different than others. I am always on the lookout for great photo opportunities. Being creative and able to make my vision a reality is one of the main reasons I love photography.


Because every image got a story to tell!

My Name is Rebecca Lintz. I am friendly and helpful, a bit nerdy and love technology. I love meeting new people and I am very chatty. Some of my favourite activities in my free time are walks and outside activities like fishing. It gives me opportunities to capture some amazing photos in nature. But I don’t mind spending some time watching a good movie either or staying at home to do some gardening or organising! I guess I am trying to do it all.

I started as a nature and travel photographer back in 2016. Since then I learned and challenged myself a lot.
I always look for new projects and ways to expand my horizon.

What do I specialise in?

Photography is a wide field and most photographers are choosing a certain niche to focus on. My main goal is to capture moments for you to remember! If somebody makes me put a label on it, I would say I am a lifestyle photographer.

Some of my favourite shots are from daily lives and my travels, but I although like to capture your greatest moments.
From Engagement to Wedding Photos, Newborn to Kids & Children Photography, Prom and Graduation or other special times, I would love to capture those photos for you and make sure you will remember them forever!

I love to make people comfortable in front of my camera.

It sounds weird but I myself don’t like being in front of the camera. It is different and hard to describe, but I guess I am shy and uncomfortable with my body. That is the reason I like to make others comfortable, why I learn poses for all body types and the reason I am so goofy during sessions. I will always try to make you comfortable because I know!

These are just some of the areas I am interested in and experienced in. I like to try new things and challenge myself, so if you can’t find something on my website or my portfolio, it doesn’t mean I am not able to do it!

Where am I located?

I am located in Giru, a small town between Townsville and Ayr (Queensland). I am a lifestyle and outdoor photographer and don’t have a studio location. I will meet you at different locations for photoshoots around Townsville or the Burdekin. I am also available for photos and events to further away in Queensland.

Why Do I like Photography?

One of my dreams is to use my photography to make people happy.

I love:

  • the different possibilities I have as a photographer, using different equipment, finding new locations and working how I like to work.
  • to capture a story and show emotions with a photo. Sometimes the smallest gestures can be missed in our daily lives.
  • capturing a moment and making it last forever. You can look at a photo and remember and feel a special moment you might have forgotten about.
  • the variety of people I am working with. Meeting different people with different personalities and stories is something I like doing.
  • the challenge every new job represents. Because of different clients and different situations, every photoshoot is new and exciting and never the same.
  • being creative with every shoot. While doing the basic poses, I always try something new with every photoshoot.