Some of the most intimate photos you can get with your new baby are lifestyle newborn photos. The difference between lifestyle photos and posed photos is big. In a lifestyle session, I come to your house and document your interactions with the baby. While I do give small directions and poses, you will be the one handling your little one. We use your house and lifting space as the backdrop for your photos. The light coming through the windows is all we need.

When to schedule your photos?

Most of the time you will read that the best time for newborn photos is between 7 and 10 days. The reason is your newborn will be still very sleepy and snuggly. But booking your newborn session can be tricky. Not everything always goes to plan and you might have to reschedule sessions because the new family addition decided to arrive early or late. We can always take photos later. There is no rush! You can still take beautiful newborn photos when your baby is a month old.

To make sure I am flexible with your session, all my newborn sessions are scheduled during the week. If for any reason you need to reschedule (late or early arrival, sick siblings etc.), please send me a message straight away to make sure I can fit you in.

What equipment will your photographer bring to the session?

For newborn and maternity sessions you can choose my dresses from the client closet section. Please give me 48-hour notice if you would like to wear any of the dresses from the client closet, as I otherwise can’t guarantee the dresses being available to you.

I will bring small blankets and props for the sessions. Not everything will be used during the session and I will always try to use mostly items from around your house to make the photos special for you.

What should you prepare?

The space

I don’t expect a sparkling clean house! Let me make that clear. You just had a baby and you are probably exhausted. You try to find the best way to handle this new situation and it is normal that dishes are at the bottom of the priority list. I am not coming to your place to judge and you don’t need to give me a tour around your home if you don’t want to.

The rooms I usually shoot in are the living room, the nursery and the master bedroom. Depending on the light in those rooms, I will try to get photos in all of those rooms. You don’t need to tidy or clean those rooms. I am happy to help move a few things to get a tidy corner with the perfect light. All the other little details are just what makes it your home and will tell the story of you and your baby.

Your clothe

Wear what makes you feel comfortable. If it is a dress or sweatpants, this is your photo shoot and you should feel comfortable.

As for every session I like you to think about the perfect outfit for you a few days before the session. You don’t want to stress the night before our photoshoot because you still have to wash that pretty top or the jeans you wanted to wear. Make sure you think about the combinations of clothing. Does daddy’s shirt fit with Mum’s dress and the little swaddle you got for the baby? If your nursery has a lot of bright colours you might want to consider a neutral outfit. Try to avoid bright colours (for example bright pink or yellow) and look around your home to avoid any colour clashes. I will send you my outfit guide after your booking is confirmed and it hopefully helps with the outfit choice. If you can’t find anything there, wear the clothes that make you feel comfortable. And of course, you are welcome to use my client closet.

Make sure to have a backup outfit in case you need to change. It will help you feel less stressed in case you get a stain on your outfit or something unexpected happens.

For the baby, we can start with a plain one coloured onesie or just in diapers. If the baby doesn’t settle you can of course try to swaddle to calm the little one down.

Try to avoid logos and graphics on your shirt and leave the hats in the closet.

Get the baby in the mood

Try to feed the baby right before the session. A full baby makes a happy and sleepy baby. At least that is what we try to do. Try to dress and have the little ones ready before I get there, but don’t stress. Things rarely go to plan with babies and I always calculate some extra time. This session is about you and the baby and you all need to be in a good mood for photos. If that means we stop for a few minutes to have a break that is fine. Try to have a bottle just in case.

The best temperature in the house is “just a bit too warm”. If you feel a little bit too warm, your baby will feel great when it’s not in your arms. In the womb it’s around 36-37 degrees celsius, so babies are sensitive to the cold.

A few extra tips to settle your baby

Here are a few tips if your baby won’t go to sleep.

  • Be calm. I know, I know. We all know this, but it is so hard. You booked this session, you prepared everything, but things don’t work out quite the way you want them to. You are stressed. A lot of times it helps to give the baby to the other parent, take a few moments to relax and start fresh. If you need me to leave for 10 minutes to go outside, that is fine. Just let me know when you are ready.
  • Your baby is used to being rocked around in your belly. Rocking it to sleep can help.
  • Third eye massages can help. Run your thump from the third eye position down the nose. It encourages the baby to close their eyes.
  • Wrapping can help your baby feel more comfortable. A baby hasn’t been on this earth for long, so these weird long things on the side and bottom called arms and legs are hard to control. Being wrapped feels more secure and safe.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. I know there are so many good tips and websites out there with helpful information. If you have any questions during the session feel free to ask at any time. If you feel uncomfortable and would like to stop the session early, that is no problem.

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