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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Here you can find the Wedding Prices for Rebecca Lintz Photography.

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Your wedding is a special day you won’t forget. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge wedding with the whole town, a small intimate wedding or elopement, your wedding day is one of the biggest events in your own personal love story.

Choosing the right photographer can be one of the hardest parts of the wedding planning. Townsville and the Burdekin are full of amazing wedding photographers. And in this day and age wedding photographers are travelling far and wide to make brides and grooms happy and make their weddings unforgettable. Yes, you were reading right. There are more options than just local photographers. So many choices. But don’t panic! I hope the following will help you a little bit:

How to choose the right photographer?

In my opinion, choosing the right photographer is just as important than choosing the right dress or shoes for your special day. Choosing the right fit will make your day easier, less painful and doesn’t leave you with hurting feet after a long event. Find a photographer you trust, a style you like and a connection with a person, that is going to tell your story.

You only want to celebrate small and don’t need an expensive photographer? If you decide to have a small wedding or elope, how many people will be there? And how many people will be looking at your photos after the wedding? In my opinion, good photos are just as important for a small celebration as for a big one. At the end of the day, you want to have memories and share those with your family and friends later. Quality photos are important and the right photographer will make sure to capture everything important. Great wedding photographers have high prices for a good reason. Please make sure thinking about that, before booking a cheap photographer. I don’t want you to regret your decision.

What is different about me?

I want beautiful wedding photos to be affordable for everyone, as this is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime event. I am living for love. As a hopeless romantic I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate a loving relationship than a wedding. I am making sure my photos will show your love for each other while being authentic and natural. Posing for wedding photos can be boring and most of the time people are feeling a little bit uncomfortable in front of the camera. They wish to leave as quick as possible, even though we didn’t get a chance for those great candid photos of you and your loved one, that will be your Facebook profile picture for a while. I will give my best to make both of you, your wedding party and your guest feel comfortable. You should be able to look back at the pictures and remember all those great moments you might have forgotten.

Wedding Packages and Pricing

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Wedding Prices start from $730, please get in contact for your personal quote as I don’t offer preset packages.

Why do I not offer packages? Every wedding is different, every wedding is unique. Instead of giving you a set deal, I am only charging for what you need.

*What’s included?

  • 24 Hour sneak peek of 2-4 low resolution watermarked digital images on social media (with your permission)
  • Unlimited Photos (the number of photos depends on the length of coverage, timeline etc.)
  • Password protected online gallery for easy download whenever and wherever you want. Great for when you are on your honeymoon! You can easily share your gallery with family and friends online as soon as you receive the pictures.
  • Option to purchase wedding albums, prints and canvases through the online gallery (even family and friends, if you share the gallery link and password with them)
  • Pre-wedding consultation (in person, on the phone or via skype)
  • Engagement Sessions Discounts (Book your Engagement Photoshoot with your wedding package and get a discount!)
  • Piece of mind Location Shoot. If the weather at your special day is not playing along (pouring rain and storm), I offer to take photos for one-hour (location shoot in Townsville or the Burdekin) on a different day to make sure you get the photos you deserve and dream of without extra charge.
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When should your Wedding Photographer arrive?

You are not quite sure what parts of the wedding you would like to have photos of? Or you are not sure how long you will need me for on your special day? Let’s talk about all of this at your free consultation. When planing your wedding think about the following areas of great photography opportunities:

  • Groom’s/bride’s preparation (start of the day, getting ready for the ceremony)
  • Ceremony ( of course there is no wedding without the ceremony)
  • Family Portraits (Bride and Groom with family and friends)
  • Wedding party Portraits (Bride and Groom with bridesmaids and groomsmen)
  • Location Shoot (Bride and Grooms time to shine as a newlywed couple)
  • Full or 1/2 reception (first dance and wedding cake cutting, some photos of the family while having fun at the reception, the exit of the couple)

Get in contact here.

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Affordable Wedding Photographer?

Affordable wedding photographers are hard to find. Most wedding prices seem a little bit too high for what you get? You are asking yourself why photographers charge a lot for weddings? I can fully understand. It is a lot of work involved behind the scenes, that most people don’t see. And of course, we try to make it look easy *wink wink*. Who wants to have a photographer look exhausted or freaking out during the wedding?
Shooting your wedding is more than just taking the camera to the event and click the button. Hours and hours of preparation and aftercare are involved to make sure your photos turn out amazing. Don’t just go with the cheapest wedding photographer, but one you can trust to capture your special day!

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