Jana & Eike 2018

2018 was the year I went back to Germany to celebrate my cousins’ wedding. One of the German traditions for weddings is a ‘Polterabend’. You could loosely translate it to “Crash-Evening” and means having a party with a lot of noise at night. It is the german version of a hens and bucks night.

Before the wedding, the engaged couple comes together with family and friends. Everybody brings old dishes and pottery to trough on the ground. An old german tradition says “Shards bring luck” (or in German: Scherben bringen Glück). By breaking your dishes, you wish the couple luck for the wedding and their life together.

In Germany bucks and hens nights are not as common, even though in the last couple of years more and more traditions from other countries are being adapted. While in other countries groom and bride celebrate separately to have fun as a “single”-person, in the German tradition the couple celebrates together.

Food and Candy

If you haven’t noticed, but Germans love food. And they love to take over new traditions. Here are some of the pictures from the Candy Bar. My aunty, a qualified pastry chef like myself and one of my role models, made these delicious treads. Not to make you jealous, but it really was delicious!

German food is very heavy compared to other cuisines. Bread, noodle salads and a lot of sauce. Meat is a big part as well and having a bbq is a great way of getting everybody satisfied.

I am not able to show you much of the guest, because I try to respect the privacy of people and got the feeling a lot of guests wouldn’t like to be featured on here. Also, the German law of an individual’s image is a lot different from Australian law.

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