Wedding Dress Fitting 2018

After doing my first wedding in 2018, I decided to offer the Dress Fitting extra. I will go with the bride to take photos, while she tries on different kind of dresses. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like the glamour of having a photographer follow them for fittings like a celebrity. But even more important, it can help you decide which dress you like easier.

But if you are not sure, let me tell you this story from last year:

Sometimes having a different perspective of things and look at photos of it later can help a lot. When my cousin had problems choosing her wedding dress last year, I was happy I had photos!

She was not very happy with her decision almost instantly after we arrived back home. I got out my camera and showed her the photos. Photos from my perspective, making it easier to compare the two dresses she liked most. And it worked. She was happy and confident about her decision straight away. She looked amazing in both of them, but the one she chose was the best. Can you guess which one she chose? You can check it here.

Let me know before the booking

If you decide you would like me to come out for the fitting and take some photos, please let me know when you are booking. But even if you change your mind later, just get in contact later. Having a photographer take photos at the fitting to get some nice memories with family and friends, is a great idea.

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