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$100 Off – Full Gallery Discount

If you book your session and preorder the gallery at the same time, Rebecca Lintz Photography offers a $100 discount on your booking.

Christmas Mini Sessions 2021

Model Calls:

1 Type of model call is available at the moment. Please apply for any of the following:

What is a model call? Like everything in life practice makes perfect. Of course, that is the same for photography. Every now and then I need people/models. You don’t have to be a professional model to apply for a model call as long as you fit the criteria.

At the moment I am looking for:

Couple (Mastermind Photoshoot)

  • Who am I looking for? A couple
  • What can you expect? The photoshoot and all photos from the session.
  • Where and when? Time and place can be discussed as soon as the right person is found.
  • What you need (outfit choice or others) Couple needs to have closing that fits the theme. Please google mastermind photoshoot or click here for images.

In order to participate, you will need to sign a model release agreeing to let me use these images in my portfolio and marketing material.

Signup: Please use the signup below.

Interested in the model call? Sign up here: