Deals & Promotions for Townsville & the Burdekin

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I am sure you clicked on this link to find some great ways of saving money. I mean who doesn’t like a good deal?

This page will be dedicated to just that: Deals and Promotions for Photography Sessions. No reason to search for the whole website. I will also try to keep you up to date on ways to win free photoshoots with me, Rebecca Lintz Photography, in Townsville or the Burdekin. For example my Facebook promotion: “Win a free Photoshoot”.

Why Townsville and the Burdekin?

Being located in Giru, I am offering my Photography-Sessions in Giru and surrounds. This includes most of the Burdekin and Townsville. That is the reason why all of my promotions are for a rough radius of 50 km from Giru. If you win a free photoshoot with Rebecca Lintz Photography, please be advised that travel-charges for outside these areas are not included.

Current Deals & Promotions

Rebecca Lintz Photography on Social Media

Every now and then I am running a “Win a free photoshoot” promotion on Facebook. If you would like to join, please visit my Facebook page.
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