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On Sunday I was at Cungulla Beach to take photos of an amazing woman and her horse. I met Teegan at the Giru Polocrosse a couple of weeks earlier. She and her horse Yogette are a unit, a beautiful relationship between a woman and her horse.

My first photoshoot was with a friend of mine from work and it was great. But this photo shoot was really special to me. Like I already described in my post about Michelles Photoshoot earlier that day, I love Cungulla Beach.

Sadly Yogette wasn’t a big fan of the beach. Even though we got some great photos, Teegans horse was having problems with the reflection of the sun on the waves. She wasn’t comfortable and we were lucky Teegans husband was able to come with her that day to help out.

From the beach, we went to private property not far from Cunuglla Beach. A small farm with a beautiful background, long grass and peacefulness.

Golden hour already started and the trees stopped the sun from showing us the sunset, but the golden light was still a great way to finish the photoshoot.

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the situation, I was stressing out to get great photos. I was feeling like I didn’t get nice photos, out of focus or having a bad exposure. I had the feeling I was not doing a good job with my camera. But Teegan was great and she was doing so well as a model, that in the end, we still got great photos. I couldn’t believe the number of amazing photos we got. I was editing for hours and in the end, I was able to send her over 50 edited photos for her session. What a result!

I hope Teegan had a great session just like me. Thank you for those beautiful photos!

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