Have you ever been to Cungulla beach, South of Townsville? It is some of the best places for a photo session I could imagen in this area. Of course, there are many different places I haven’t been to yet, so no offence. But Cungulla beach is such a beautiful place, I love the relaxed and natural environment, the long sand and a mostly unpopulated area. To be honest, this Sunday the beach was packed with people enjoying the beach. Something I haven’t experienced like this before.

I was booked for a photo session on the beach later on and my work college Michelle volunteered to do some quick test shoots for me to loosen up and get a feeling for the different light situation. I haven’t shot in bright daylight before. Especially not on the beach. The light in Australia can be very harsh and you will notice in my photos how “blown out” some of the background and parts of the beaches can get. Light and airy was never my prefered style, I am still very happy about the photos we were able to get.

Some people believe, that only woman in their early adult/older teen years are beautiful. To that, I can only say “Bullsh’t”.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way!

Life makes us the way we are. If you look at Michelle’s pictures, you can see an amazing woman, that still has the kind of sass, that makes a woman a woman. Confidence is what makes you even better and lets you shine brighter.

I can tell you while Michelle and I took these photos, she probably felt a little bit awkward from time to time, but we had a ball. And that’s what I love about my photography. Making people feel comfortable in their own body while a camera is pointed straight towards them and the trigger is clicking away. I like to make everybody feel confident to loosen up in front of the camera.

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After Michelles Photo Session I was meeting with Teegan. Have a look at how her photos turned out here: Cungulla Beach – Teegan and Yogette.

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