Hello and thank you for having a look at this page. If you are here, you probably already finished your session with Rebecca Lintz Photography and are in the process of ordering your images.

I am using an online gallery system called “shoot proof” to make viewing and delivery to clients easier and available from anywhere. Gone are the times where you have to come back for a meetup with your photographer to view your proof images. While I am still offering viewing sessions, most people prefer to choose their photos from the comfort of their own home, share it with friends and family even, and take their time to decide.

How to use the Online Gallery

I made a small video to guide you through the first steps of ordering your images. If the video doesn’t work here, please click the link here.

Quickly: How to order digitals?

To order your digitals, please use the star or favourite system in your gallery. Favour your images by pressing the star symbol on your photo. To see all the photos you like, use the “FAVORITES” button on the top of your gallery.

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Prints or digital files?

One of the main questions you will have to ask yourself is: “Do you want just prints or digital files?”

While prints are great and I can only advise you to at least print a couple of images for your wall, purchasing your digital files should be the first step. Digital images will last as long as you have working hard drives and you won’t lose them. You are not able to post prints on social media or share them easily with friends and family.

That said, I as your professional photographer offer a storage service for all clients and back up files many times to ensure you will be able to purchase quality prints up to years after your photo session and reorder prints even after your gallery expired. I am working with a great Australian Print Lab to make sure to give you the quality that lasts.

Printing is great for decorating your home, remember every time you look at it and show visitors your beautiful art.

Digital is for sharing quickly, save them forever and be able to look at them anytime at all of your devices.

USB sticks and making sure your Digital images are save!

Rebecca Lintz Photography is offering not only online digital downloads and prints, but also USB sticks for clients. If you would like to order one of those with your package, please let me know. The photos will be stored on a USB drive and delivered to you.

Backing up your images should be the first thing you do when receiving your files. Please back up your photos at least 2 times on different computers or hard drives. The best storage options these days are online “clouds” like google drive or dropbox.

Where are my images? Downloading and extracting a ZIP

My first advice when downloading your photos is please use a computer. It will make the process a lot easier for you because you don’t need to locate and extract the files on a mobile device. If you are unable to use a computer, please make sure to back up your files to a cloud for storage!

If you ordered digital images, your gallery will be sent to your email as soon as payment is received. Galleries are so called ZIP files and need to be extracted. ZIP files are compressed and make downloads faster.

On phones, images will be stored in the gallery. Because of the Zip files, they might end up in your download folder instead.

Why is a watermark on my image?

Back in the days, every photographer offered viewing sessions for clients to see and chooser their photos. These days you are able to see them online. To avoid photos being screenshotted from the gallery, I am using the proof watermark over the photos. When downloading the images, this watermark will disappear.

Sometimes I am offering promotions for free digital “watermarked” photos in social media size. Those images are smaller in size and shouldn’t be printed. A small watermark is in the photo for promotional purposes.

What happens with my prints? Where do they get printed?

If you ordered prints through the gallery, I am putting in your order with an Australian Print Lab. After production, the final products will be sent to your address. Please make sure to use the right information when using the check out system in the online gallery.

Because Quality and colour calibration of other providers can’t be individually tested and the quality of the images is not guaranteed when printing yourself. Please be aware that printing through a different source than Rebecca Lintz Photography is at your own risk.

Can I order products later?

Yes, there is an option to order prints after a couple of days, weeks or months (on special occasions even years). Please get in contact if your gallery is going to expire and I can keep it open for longer or reopen your gallery for printing. A reopening fee of $25 is required for reopening a gallery but can be used as a voucher for orders over a certain amount (amount subject to change).

For security reasons Galleries will be deleted and not accessible after expirations. Because of the time involved to reopen galleries, there is a $25 fee to reopen your gallery. Please get in contact before the gallery expires and I will extend the date another 2 weeks for free. If more time is needed, a small fee will be charged to keep the gallery open.